Container one:
10ft On-Demand Storage Facility For Lease

As part our a promotional sale National Capital Containex is providing more value to the Canberra region by slashing prices on all Storage Leases.
We want you to save money on your existing storage arrangements, it will happen. A dollar saved is a dollar earned, so why not save something? Why pay for fuel to drive somewhere else to access your goods when they could be at your own home?
Park it on the front lawn anywhere beyond the nature strip is fine as a temporary structure on a lease. Ask a mate if it could be situated on their lawn for a period of time. No DA required for a temporary container on lease.
It has a fully functional and lockable roller door with key access.
The container is not for sale or lease to buy, this container is for lease only.
10ft Storage Facility with Roller door-

16 Cubic Metres of Storage Space.

Length – 3.05m
Width – 2.44m
Height: – 2.59m

3 month term is on offer at $180/month.
6 month term is on offer at $150/month.
12 month term is on offer at $120/month.
24 month term is on offer at $80/month.

Container Two:
Standard 20ft Container
32 Cubic Metres of Storage Space
Length- 6.10m 
Width- 2.44m 
Height- 2.59m 
6 month lease $160/month
12 month lease $120/month
24 month lease $100/month
36 month lease $80/month

Delivery depends on location, we can move it from location to location loaded or empty during the lease period to make it easier moving house. We can crane over fences into your backyard. The sky is the limit, so let us know what is required to make it happen.