We are Local, Reliable and Convenient…

Specialising in a range of temporary container services we are local to Canberra and service all surrounding areas.

Our clients tend to agree we are different to our competition offering container leasing options in unique ways with convenient monthly payments instead of upfront costs.

You are not just a number with National Capital Containex. You are valued and we stay connected to ensure you have exposure to unique container services.

Contact us today and we will quote you with a solution catering to your needs.

We offer leasing options…

Whether it be a temporary bathroom, an extra room, an on-site office, storage facility or temporary on-site accommodation, National Capital Containex connects you with the container you need.

Leasing options provide flexibility so you don’t need to worry too much about council/government regulations when considering a container service.

This container will only be situated on your property for the duration of the lease and our contract is proof that the container is fully indeed temporary.

Temporary structures can provide significant value and don’t require a development application, that’s the niche market National Capital Containex services.

That is containers which provide a convenient service to you on a temporary basis without all the hassle and complex regulations of ownership.
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